Troubleshooting my Cartridge

Sometimes, Cartridges will not be clogged but won’t produce vapor when you inhale on the mouthpiece. This is most likely caused by improper choice of battery. With vape batteries, there are 2 different kinds of contact pads: Raised and Flat. This means that on the inside of the threaded portion of the battery, you’ll see the center of the battery either had a flat bottom or a raised bottom. Ideally, you would use a flat bottomed battery but you can still get the raised bottom batteries to work.

What is happening?

Housed within the vape cartridge is a heating element. This heating element has 2 wires, one connected to the body of the cartridge and one connected to the center metal piece on the bottom of the cartridge. When you thread the cartridge onto a battery and the battery turns on, energy flows to both wires and heats up the heating element in the cartridge. Sometimes this doesn’t happen if either of the wires touch each other and create a “short”. This can occur with raised bottom batteries if you thread the cartridge too tightly onto the battery and the raised bottom of the battery pushes the metal piece on the bottom of the cartridge into the cartridge.

What’s the solution?

If you ever get this product, partially unthread the cartridge from the battery and inhale on the mouthpiece until the cartridge works. This will take pressure off of the center metal piece on the bottom of the cartridge and prevent any internal wires from touching and causing a “short”.

When your cartridge is clogged, you won’t be able to get the cartridge to draw air. That means when you put your lips onto the mouthpiece and inhale, you won’t be able to. This happens when the cannabis oil inside your cartridge has thinned out due to being heated and gotten into the center downstem of your cartridge and sealed the downstem entirely. This happens after extended use of the heating element, leaving the cartridge in an open space like a car or even just outside in direct contact with the sun. Luckily, this is very common and an easy fix. Below we will teach you 3 different methods which will allow you to heat the oil that is blocking the downstem and causing it to thin so you can remove the blockage.

Option 1: The Twist and Suck

If you are using a puff-activated battery, screw your cartridge onto the battery but leave a slight gap between the cartridge and the battery. Inhale right at the seam for 5-10 seconds. This will cause the battery to activate which gets the heating element to heat up as well. This will cause the heating element to heat and thin the oil blocking the downstem. After you can feel the cartridge get hot, thread the cartridge all the way onto the battery and inhale from the mouthpiece. You may hit some resistance but you should be able to get the oil to unclog and you’ll immediately get airflow. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process until the oil is unclogged.

Option 2: The Indian Burn

This option is less effective but simple. Simply rub the cartridge as fast as you can between your hands to generate heat. After 10-20 seconds, thread the cartridge onto a battery and inhale on the mouthpiece to get the oil to unclog.

Option 3: The Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer, heat the cartridge to get it hot. After 10-20 seconds of heating the cartridge, thread the cartridge onto a battery and inhale on the mouthpiece to get the oil to unclog.